Security Squad Alarm Maintenance & Repair

Intruder Alarms Serviced To Keep Your Home & Business Safe & Secure

Keeping your intruder alarm maintained is as vital as having one installed. A well-maintained alarm prevents faults and false alarms.

Without a regular checkup, your alarm system may suffer from faults that will have your alarm not working as intended.

Alarm Maintenance
Security Squad focuses heavily on customer service and building long relationships with our clients, built on trust. Therefore, we only use the highest quality suppliers when a part needs replacing.
We understand you need your intruder alarm working as expected and securing your home and business 24 hours a day.

Servicing Packages for Intruder Alarms

At Security Squad, we offer an annual intruder alarm service package to ensure your alarm is always in full working order.

Our alarm service packages test and inspect your intruder alarm to discover any faults and problems that, if left unfound, could require an emergency call out.

If Security Squad did not install your alarm, we are still happy to take on your alarm system. Our engineers are trained in many intruder alarm systems and can repair existing faults you may have on your systems.

CCTV Maintenance & Repair

CCTV maintenance is a very important part of your CCTV system. If you neglect your CCTV system and fail to have it maintained and serviced, it can become ineffective or even useless.

Our CCTV maintenance and repair service packages are tailor made to each individual customer's needs.

Service and maintenance is to ensure your system is 100% operational and much less likely to breakdown on you.

Our engineers are trained in all kinds of CCTV systems and can cover nearly all of your CCTV service & maintenance requirements.

CCTV maintenance

We recommend a CCTV service annually.

If you feel your CCTV system is not working as it should, please get in touch so we can come and service it and get it back working to 100% of its capabilities.