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HikVision Acusense Installers
Security Squad is installing Hikvision AcuSense security camera systems in Mansfield, Nottingham, Chesterfield, Derby, Sheffield & surrounding areas.

What is AcuSense?

AcuSense is an AI software created by Hikvision that accurately distinguishes people and vehicles from other moving objects which reduces false alarms up to a 98% accuracy.
Acusense powered by deep learning algorithms takes alarm accuracy and your safety to new levels.
When the AcuSense camera detects a potential threat it will drastically reduce false alarms by using intelligent false alarm reduction technology, the camera ignores irrelevant movements such as animals and the weather and instead focuses on human & vehicle movement.


When an intruder has been detected by AcuSense this will trigger the camera to carry out several potential tasks from simply notifying the system owner to sounding an audio alarm and flash built-in strobe light, designed to shock and warn intruders they are being watched before they attempt to breach more perimeters. Pre recorded messages can also be programmed into the camera to make would be perpetrators aware that they are on private property and it would be appreciated if they go away. Worded however you see fit of course.


The powerful AcuSense cameras work throughout the night time using Hikvisions DarkFighter & ColorVu technology, assuring you that all cameras deliver superior images, even in darkness.
Security Squads customers have a wide range of Hikvision AcuSense cameras available to choose from with 2 MP, 4 MP & 8MP (4K) resolutions, as well as a dome, bullet, and turret housings all available to suit your specific needs.


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