Intruder Alarm Installation

Intruder Alarm systems for homes and businesses

Intruder Alarm Systems for Homes & Businesses

At Security Squad, we provide prompt and professional home and business alarm system installation at affordable prices in Mansfield and across the East Midlands.

Are you looking to secure your property and gain some extra peace of mind?

At Security Squad we know how important it is to protect your family, home, or business and feel secure.
That is why we offer a wide range of intruder alarm systems that fit everybody's requirements whether you are looking for a burglar alarm for your family home or a state of the art intruder alarm system for a multi-story office block.
When you choose Security Squad you know your property will be protected to the highest standard.
Our intruder systems are connected to your smartphone and you will be alerted instantly if your alarm is triggered.
We use industry-leading security equipment, offer excellent customer service and very competitive prices.
Call us today to discuss the requirements for your intruder alarm and set up a free site survey.
Burglar Alarm keypad
Intruder Alarms
We supply and install wired, wireless, and hybrid alarm systems from the industry's market-leading brands, Pyronix and Ajax. These versatile, effective and innovative alarm systems will make sure that your property is protected.
Bespoke Alarms
Bespoke Alarms
We will design a bespoke alarm system to cater to your needs. From working shift patterns and not wanting to disturb the family to ensure an area such as a garage is armed 24/7, we can find a solution to meet your family’s requirements.
Intruder Alarm PIR
Ease and Comfort
Our home alarms will give you greater flexibility while keeping all aspects of your security covered. We provide alarm systems for both domestic and commercial properties.
Smoke Detector
Smoke, Heat and Co2 Detectors
Our wireless detectors can communicate with the APP meaning should fire, heat or Co2 be detected at your property, you will be immediately alerted. Allowing you to raise the alarm for assistance. .
Pet Friendly Alarm Systems
Our systems are pet friendly as standard. No longer will your four-legged friends be a reason not to alarm your property.
We can upgrade existing alarm systems to pet-friendly.
Intruder Alarm
Video Verification Alarms
Video verification alarms offer an added level of security, previously not achievable. If your alarm device is triggered, a quick number of screenshots will be taken providing the app with an animated video of who triggered the alarm.
Intruder PIR up close
No-mess Installations
With wireless alarm products, you can be sure of a hassle-free and no-mess installation. All accessories and products are built to last and can be remotely programmed using the Automatic Remote Maintenance system.
Monitor Remotely
Monitor Remotely
All our alarm systems are capable of being controlled and monitored remotely. This may be either via the manufacturer's APP or a third-party fully accredited alarm monitoring station. Police response systems also available.
Upgrade old intruder alarm
Upgrading your Alarms
We can also upgrade your existing alarm systems to more advanced systems. If you have wired alarms we may be able to reuse the existing cable, meaning you could save on cost. Contact us for a free quote based on what you need.